“Rachel Millman not only has a gorgeous voice, but is also an outstanding live performer and her songs are wonderful! -

Dale Spindel, Director Springfield Library

NOW featuring:

1. Barricade

2. Big Bite
3. Now
4. Take All the Sky You Need
5. In My Hands
6. Big Bite (Keith Harrison mix)

 Copyright © 2008-2014 Rachel Millman Gila Enterprises, LLC Denise Marsa Productions All Rights Reserved

 "A unique combination of powerful and sweet." Celebrity Cafe 

  "Incredible sound, incredible voice." Indies in Motion

March 11, 2015 - 8:00PM The Big Apple Indie Music Showcase, Toshi's Living Room NYC 

(with Spencer Katzman & Ari Kessler)

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Love this EP! Rachel Millman has a fantastically controlled voice, and the music is great. I especially love "Now" and "Big Bite" (both the original and remix on the album). Totally worth checking out, especially if you like pop/rock genres.